Thursday, April 20, 2006

Kart has wheels and go-power!

The kart is REALLY taking shape. You can really appreciate the width of the rear axle and tires now that it's semi-assembled. I guess flipovers are the most common problem with kids getting hurt on karts. I chose this design for the width alone. Very hard to turn over compared to most homegrown designs I've seen.

I wish it were adult sized!! If I lost about 15lbs I might fit. I'm skinny, and my butt snaps into the seat. It's not all that comfy. Oh well. It's going to be truly awesome seeing the boys tear around in this thing.

I'm going to move the engine to the other side of the seat (and obviously move the seat, too). It's a safety issue with the output shaft so close to the driver, not to mention that I'd need a jackshaft to transfer power to the outside of the frame (so the drive chain doesn't hit the frame), so it's a total no-go. Just doesn't work. No problem, though. That's why I have my own welder!

The engine was sourced from a minibike guy in town who had this in a pile of stuff he picked up. $25 netted me a 3hp Briggs and Stratton. Runs great and it's a good HP level for the boys while they're small.

On the way is the disc brake, caliper and bracket. Left to order are tie rods, control cables, kill switch and the chain/clutch/drive sprocket setup. Then we're ready for a test run.

I really need a name for it now.