Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cell phone companies SUCK

I tried to get a Treo 650 last week from Alltel as well as port my cell phone number over from Sprint/Nextel. I found out this is apparently impossible within a 3 week timeframe.

Without getting into much detail, I've just ended the week on Sunday after trying since Tuesday to get a plan with Alltel. I had the week off and definitely spent the greater part of my afternoons in their store dealing with long lines (30 minute wait times), untrained personnel, incompetent managers and busted computer system.

Fortunately it's not for lack of effort on the part of the employees. Unfortunately, they have no power to change things or get magically trained on how to use the new computer system (Alltel bought a local carrier called Cellular One and just finished transitioning the stores over) and according to the interim manager (their old manager quit out of frustration) they were "dumped into this computer system with no training".

I'll try again next week, I suppose. I'd go with Verizon, but their in-store employees here definitely couldn't care less about other human beings, their plans are more expensive and they have a tendency to purposely cripple their phones.