Saturday, June 10, 2006

Boat update with pictures

Quick update on the boat. Stuff finished today:
  • Welded on a new tongue jack (didn't have one before)
  • Replaced bow hook safety chain and both clips
  • Replaced towing chains and hooks
  • Replaced broken taillight
  • Ran (but haven't connected) new wiring
  • Installed new trim angle pin (original was missing)
I picked up the water pump rebuild kit and the associated gaskets and seals, as well as a handful of waterproof rivets to plug the holes from the old transducers. I spent around $150 on it today.

I finally got a pic or two taken as well. I thought I'd whip out my super awesome image editing capabilities and throw them around a bit to illustrate what's changed since I got it.

Check out this first picture - when I got it, the paint was PINK from oxidation. 4 hours of buffing later (oh MAN I HATE BUFFING), it looks presentable! The stern seat looks like it's installed weird. It is - it's warped because it doesn't quite fit yet. It'll settle down once it's filled with foam and screwed down.


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